We are open to the needs of the market, and all the activities that we lead are transparent. Thanks to this, we create a friendly environment for business development along with partners who are willing to establish cooperation with us.

By building positive and long-lasting relationships with investors we focus on safety, innovation, ecology, and punctuality, and favorable prices of the services provided.

We believe that the investments implemented by us will contribute to strengthening the position of our clients, as well as bring tangible financial benefits in terms of the solutions adopted.

Spez Bau Detuschland provides services in the field of general implementation of construction investments, domestic and foreign. Our experience, knowledge and contacts enable unlimited possibilities of cooperation.

Action strategy

  • Sustainable development and expansion into new markets
  • Focus on the expectations of Investors
  • Energy saving of the solutions employed
  • Sustainable development for construction and real estate development
  • Commitment to quality services
  • Introduction and use of new technologies
  • Mobility and fast decision making
  • Minimization of interference with the environment